Wedding Reception

Not all couples want to get married in church, and if that applies to you, there are many other options available; everything from stately homes and castled, to windmills, houseboats and art galleries. And your reception can take place just about anywhere too.

What is a Wedding Reception?

The reception is that part of the wedding immediately following the actual ceremony. It's a chance for everybody - especially the bride and groom - to relax after the formality of the actual ceremony. It's also a good opportunity for guests to eat, drink and dance and for the couple to receive gifts and generally mingle with their guests. At one time, the reception was typically held at the bride's home and was simply a chance to enjoy a snack and a cup of tea. Around the beginning of the 20th century, the idea of holding the reception elsewhere to accommodate more guests became increasingly popular, and over the years many of the traditions became a part of the reception, such as toasting the happy couple, throwing the bouquet and the newly married couple having the first dance. Today, many couples consider the reception to be just as important as the actual ceremony, and much of the wedding expense goes on catering, flowers, music and photography as well as hiring the actual venue.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue and Reception

The choice of venue is typically decided by the bride and groom and of course, cost is an important consideration for most people. If you are faced with the task of trying to choose between wedding reception venues leicestershire and other parts of the UK have plenty of options, and in addition to the price, you should consider the following.

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The size of the reception venue is probably the next most important factor; you don't want guests to feel cramped in too small a space, nor do you want a huge empty space. The location is also a factor; it may be tempting to have your reception in a secluded country home in the Lakes or Scotland, but it may be a challenge for your guests to get there. One way to approach the problem is to have your wedding and reception at the same place; for example, in a stately home or castle which also offer accommodation.

What Makes a Good Reception Venue?

You should consider the factors above if you are trying to decide where to have your reception, but ultimately it should be somewhere that appeals to you, that perhaps reflects your interests and personalities. A good reception venue is one that is accessible and affordable, and doesn't need to much work to transform it into the setting for your big event. The food should be of good quality, without being too pretentious. And of course, the staff make all the difference too; a good venue has experienced, knowledgeable and hard working staff who remain largely behind the scenes but who work together to ensure your evening is a success.